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  1. Precious Drop Earrings Blue Topaz
    Blue Topaz and Yellow Gold
  2. Pastille Chain Earrings
    Green Chalcedony, Labradorite, Blue Topaz & Gold
  3. Precious drop Moon Necklace
    Blue Topaz and 18k Gold
  4. Small Creole Oval Earrings
    Blue Topaz & 18K Gold
  5. Lotus Medal Necklace
    Blue Topaz and Gold - More colours available
    As low as £340.00
  6. Briolette Drop Necklace
    Sapphire & Topaz - 18k Gold
  7. Pastille Chain Earrings
    Green Agate, Amethyst, Blue Topaz & 18kGold
  8. Small Drop Floating Necklace
    Blue Topaz - 18k Gold
  9. Chain-through Drop Earrings Blue Topaz
    Blue Topaz and 18k Gold
  10. Drop and charm Necklace
    Green Agate - 18ct Yellow Gold
  11. Drop and charm Necklace Blue Topaz
    Blue Topaz 18ct Yellow Gold
  12. Ear Stud with Jacket Mosaik
    Blue Topaz, Smoky Quartz, Green Tourmaline and Yellow Gold
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