1. Petits Gems Long Threader Earrings
    Turquoise and Gold - More colours available
    As low as £310.00
  2. Mosaik Ear Stud
    Tourmaline, Garnet - 18k Gold
  3. Asymmetric Trio Pastille Eaarings
    Grey Moonstone, Smoky Quartz, Red Garnet -18k Gold
  4. Long Trio Pastille Earrings
    Moonstone, Garnet, Smoky Quartz and 18k Gold
  5. Asymmetric Trio Pastille Eaarings
    Amethyst, Smoky Quartz, Red Garnet 18k Gold
  6. Pastille Chain Earrings
    Red Garnet, Grey Moonstone,Smoky Quartz-18ct Gold
  7. Long Chain Ellipse Earrings
    Red Garnet and Yellow Gold
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