Blue Topaz


Gemstone family: Minerals

Composition: Neoseosilicate

Mohs hardness: 8

Colours: Blue

Ground locations: Brazil, China, Myanmar, Nigeria, Sri Lanka



Topaz has been known for two millenaries and is reckoned to be one of twelve gemstones used for the foundations of the Holy City gate in Jerusalem. These twelve stones, namely apocalyptic stones, were destined at protecting the city and its inhabitants against its fierce enemies and they also represented the beauties and marvels of the Jerusalem. However, Blue Topaz is a more recent creation obtained from irradiation and coveted for its splendid pale colour and wonderful faceted appearance.



Legends have it that Topaz is a very powerful amulet against harm and pain, gifted with appeasing and cooling virtues, so that it would discard sadness and unhappiness, dispel anger and fear.