Gemstone family: Feldspar

Colours: Yellow hues, from Colourless to Orange

Composition: Potassium

Mohs hardness: 6.5

Ground locations: Brazil, India, Madagascar, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, United States



Its name comes from its moon-like reflects that provide it with an enchanting play of light, a mysterious floating shimmer. In earlier times, people used to believe that they could distinguish from all its different appearances, or ‘adularescence’, the rise and set of the moon.

Endowed with the very attributes of the planet for its magical brilliant glow, Moonstone epitomizes fertility and femininity in the most sensual way.



Moonstone is surrounded by many myths and legends. Considered a holy and magical gemstone, this ‘dream’s stone’ is believed to grant its wearer the joy of beautiful visions and wonderful sleeps at night. Regarded as a feminine treasure, this ‘love stone’ has been associated with tender feelings and fine balance as well as strong intuition and subtle understanding.