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Color Nova

Designs seen through a kaleidoscopic eye, Color Nova explores colour to the heavens. The space of skin becomes a celestial dream. And a little statement of harmony.

colourful gems
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Galactic Voodoo

Whether it be cosmic charms or lucky stars , this collection plays with superstition. Sculpted in infinitely textured detail, one can't help touching them, again and again, for good fortune.

Pop Galaxy

Interstellar fireworks , a collection bursting with small planets of vibrant hues. Seen from the sky, this beautiful carousel is the apex of sublime colour.

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Poetic Gravity

Fallen from the skies these cosmic rain drops charged with femininity rush to earth, losing neither their delicacy nor poetry.

Mystic Dreams

This collection embraces all philosophies and beliefs with symbols for those who seek spirituality, enrichment and enlightenment in celestial bodies.

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Golden Globes

Bold bright planets in fiery gold showing how much they are coveted and deserved. Glorious trophies adorning the neck.

Moon Monsoon

With lunar-luminous freeform pearls, Moon Monsoon's minimalism and fluidity come from the future. Worn and borne on a neckline so pretty everything else turns to pale.

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Cosmic Trip

Majestic icons of the major stars of our constellation, the Cosmic Trip designs are a must for a never-ending day dream.

Private Cosmos

A self-curated world of elements and colourful gemstones, freeing your imagination to create a personal galaxy of happiness.

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Petites Satellites

There they are... discreet points of orbiting light revealing the passage of colour to the Milky Way - satellites never far away from neck, wrist or ear. Tiny. Charming. Charmed.