Perle de Lune – meaning Pearl from the Moon - was born of a fascination for the shimmer of star-encrusted skies and the pale astral body that holds sway over our dreams.

The eyes and mind of the creative spirit behind Perle de Lune have always turned towards this heavenly body, which we believe, not without reason, has a profound influence on our hearts and moods. It is the light of the moon that illuminates Sandrine Domerq’s dreamlike, cosmic wandering among her sensual and spiritual creations, with their discreet radiance or pure energies of light and colour, embodied by their delicate forms.

Coloured gemstones are the soul of Perle de Lune jewellery. Tiny planets orbiting in the mind of the gemmologist designer, cradled in delicate chains and floating rings. Each represents a singular destination of colour, brilliance and energy that the wearer must be willing to embrace.

Poetic trajectories within the space of a neck, of our arms or hands, Perle de Lune’s designs are an ode to movement, random constellations, the laws of attraction, tender sentiments and an exquisite collision of elements that powder the skin with delicate brilliance.

From there, the belief that this cosmic dance has the power to place us under a lucky star is merely a step away. One to be taken at the speed of light.


A Creative Spirit Between Heaven and Earth

Sandrine Domercq’s fascination with the stars is only matched by her passion for coloured gemstones, with which she casts an artistic and sensual spell. A signature that is truly her own. A graduate of the prestigious Gem-A School in London, the designer roams the planet from Brazil to India in search of precious gemstones. Through their colours and brilliance as well as their quality and uniqueness, these gems express their value, not merely in an aesthetic way, in their settings of delicately worked 18ct gold.

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The Know-how to Weave Dreams

If the imaginative playground of Perle de Lune carries us high into the heavens an insistence on quality and the imperatives of manufacturing keep our feet firmly on the ground. The gemmologist in Sandrine Domencq knows her business when it comes to sourcing and never compromises the stringent production standards she has set herself. It is with the same rigour that she selects artisanal gem-cutting workshops and larger-scale lapidary factories, subject in complete transparency to international standards. If her quest for stones often carries Sandrine Domercq to Jaipur in India, her creations are exclusively crafted in Europe. London, where she lives remains a stronghold of know-how concerning gold wire, always worked in18 carats for the Pearl de Lune creations.

An Ode to Colour & Refinement

For Perle de Lune’s designer, the worlds of art and science and the fields of poetry and geometry are in constant dialogue. Raised with a love of beauty by her father who was a painter and sculptor, colour has become her first language and her fundamental art. She is constantly exploring, creating fresh harmonies that result in the most vibrant expression of the beauty of the gemstones. Bright and sunny colours or the softer, halftones of the Northern Lights: the exploration of colour is an endless horizon. Finesse in the use of colour and an impressionist touch, the aesthetic signature of Sandrine Domencq’s jewellery is found in the interstices, the unfilled spaces and the openwork forms. Colour acts as delicate punctuation rather than a layer without nuance. Thus the jewellery fashioned by Perle de Lune emanates a discreet aura, a gimmer of fantasy and a sense of humility before the beauty of the skies; free-spirited stars that whisper in the language of emotion, in the ear of the wearer.

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